Chirkova Viktoria - Sunny Beach

My husband and I retired. Buying cheap real estate in Bulgaria is the dream of our lives. The children and grandchildren will come on holiday during the summer.
I can not be accused of frivolity, because I was very responsible in choosing a flat.
 I found the Bon Marche website while looking for information on “buying real estate in Bulgaria ”. I started looking at the information. The company has been in the real estate market for a long time and has been involved in construction for more than 10 years. They have built 6 complexes. They all have impressive architecture, well-developed infrastructure, were placed on the beach and had good ecology.
I decided to buy a cheap apartment in Bulgaria, namely a small studio in the complex Aphrodite Gardens, this is the last complex in the Aphrodite family. I made the decision to buy real estate during inspections of the apartments for sale in Bulgaria. This one service is offered by the builder — ISK Bon Marche. In fact, there was almost no choice anymore, as the apartments in Aphrodite Gardens are selling well and, as I understand it, there are many Russians. Some of our compatriots want to escape as far as possible from their compatriots, but I am not one of them.
From our window reveals a magnificent view — a vast green massif. As far as I understand, the construction company Bon Marche itself has taken care of the maintenance of green areas. This is to be welcomed.
I bought the studio with furniture and air conditioning. It was very convenient for us, we didn't need to think about buying everything we needed, you have to admit that in a foreign country this is a problem. In addition, by furniture I mean not only furniture but also appliances.
I was interested in the situation with renting out our apartment in Sunny Beach, because we can decide to live in Russia, where we have a property in a nice village. It turned out that this is quite possible when concluding a contract. And this is already an investment. Buying cheap apartments in Bulgaria is relatively easy. What about selling them? It is enough to simply sell an apartment on the secondary housing market again with the help of the company Bon Marche (there are some tax breaks on the sale). But I don't think we will have that need.
Aphrodite Gardens is a complex designed for permanent residence and recreation. All necessary conditions have been created for this purpose. The range of services is wide enough. I like the presence of sports grounds and a fitness center, for me and my husband sport is a must. The territory of the complex is cozy, calm and safe.
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